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[list] -> 10 of my favorite groups

Discuss your favorite songs, artists or post your top ten lists from the new wave era or related genres.

[list] -> 10 of my favorite groups

Postby negative1 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:34 am

here's a list of 10 groups i like.

not in an exact order, maybe alphabetically.

i have always liked this band from their first album,
until now. all their singles are pretty cool, and martin
fry has a great voice, and clever lyrics

big country
while i only like their first few albums. they have a very unique
sound. it was tough between them and U2. i think U2 has a bigger
impact, but again, i only like a few albums from them.
big country has a great rock vibe, and amazing lyrics and drums.

depeche mode
one of the first synth bands i liked, and although i stopped
paying attention after black celebration. they have tons of
singles and remixes to keep me interested. they are true

duran duran
although their early albums are the best (see a pattern here?),
they are still around. simon has a great voice. they had excellent
singles, and great artwork.

human league
another early originator of synth bands. philip oakey did a lot
with this band to make them stars, and still does cool projects
with them. i've seen them several times live, and they put on a
good show.

although i got into them in the 80s. no other band, except
maybe new order has a bigger impact on me. the synth minimalism
is perfect here, with computer world, and electric cafe, and
even man machine as standout albums. saw them live, and will
never forget it. every synth band has named them as an influence.

new order
a great fusion of rock and synth. their work is phenomenal
along with the attention to detail and art. the songs are
timeless and classic. at least up until low-life. they are
still around. i've seen them a few times, and they are great live.

pet shop boys
intelligent pop. neil is clever, and the songs are catchy
and fun. very prolific, and creative. they are still going
on today. again, their live shows are very interesting.

simple minds
more alternative rock and synth. their middle albums starting
with new gold dream were with me through my teen years. i love
jim kerrs voice. and they were brilliant in their early days.
again, they are still going on now.

probably the only band that didn't have huge hits in the US,
but i was lucky enough to hear them during their peak years
of quartet and lament. i still listen to those albums today.
i know they reunited, had a new album, and tour. but unfortunately
i have never seen them live. hope to someday. i also like
midge ure's solo work, although it's a little more mellow.

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Postby negative1 » Sat Jan 18, 2014 1:57 am

more groups that i like...

the cure
yes, at some point, i really liked the cure, not anymore though.
early stuff like 'the walk', a forest, etc, really were new and
interesting. i know they are one of the founders of 'goth' music.

echo and the bunnymen
one of the few groups that i still keep up with, and still enjoy.
i was late finding out about them, when lips like sugar and other
more pop songs came out. but earlier stuff like never stop were great.
i like ian mccullochs solo stuff too, especially electrafixion.

frazier chorus
probably the most underrated band on the planet. i heard the song
'nothing', and that did it for me. i think i have every single
release, promo, album that they've ever made. they weren't an
80's band. but still sound great. they broke up awhile ago
and disappeared.

go west
very nice sound, pop, and some new wave in them. i like a lot
of their remixes. peter cox has done quite a bit of solo stuff.
they are still around

wang chung
i liked points on the curve, and a lot of their early singles.
very catchy beats, and interesting sound. i saw them live a
few years ago, on a retro tour. they still have the sound.
a very fun group to watch.

what else can you say about them? i still think their first 3
albums have yet to be matched. and although i have never seen
them live. live at red rocks is one of my all time favorite
concert videos. i stopped following them after unforgettable
fire, but i know they have gotten much more popular now.

level 42
very smooth sounding, jazzy at times, and great pop.
their early singles have a lot of classics, something
about you, lessons in love, children say. and of course
one of the best bass players in the world.

although mostly known for their first album and take on me,
they are much deeper than that. they have a lot of high
quality albums, and a very unique sound that no other group
has. they have broken up for good though.

talk talk
another amazing band, that i only liked their first few
albums. i don't like the ambient artsy stuff they did later.
they have amazing artwork, and mark hollis is a musical genius.
you can still celebrate a lot of their singles, and discover
a lot of quirky sounds.

cabaret voltaire
i went through an industrial, electro phase. and cabaret
voltaire stands out as one of the best. richard kirk has
put out so much material, i'm still discovering new things.
i liked their mid 80's-early 90's era the best. richard kirk is
still putting out things now, and there's a lot of cool
back material to go through.

tears for fears
another classic 80's band. i will always like their
first album, the hurting, the best. and the singles
from that are still amazing to hear even today.
although they've kept up the name, and gotten back
together, maybe they'll make exciting music again.

Room at the Top
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Re: [list] -> 10 of my favorite groups

Postby bassmaster1984 » Tue Apr 29, 2014 3:11 pm

The Cars
Spandau Ballet
Split Enz
Missing Persons
Gary Numan
Killer Pussy
Donnie Iris
Running Up That Hill
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Re: [list] -> 10 of my favorite groups

Postby AJWAVE » Thu Dec 16, 2021 3:54 pm

Simple Minds
Roxy Music
Mockba Music
Spandau Ballet
Duran Duran
Style Council
Animal Nighlife
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Re: [list] -> 10 of my favorite groups

Postby 80rulez » Mon Jan 17, 2022 7:26 am

Ultravox/Midge Ure
Simple Minds
The Style Council
The Smiths
Japan/David Sylvian/Dolphin Brothers
The Blow Monkeys
Prefab Sprout
New Order
Fiction Factory
Take On Me
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