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Peter Perrett (The Only Ones) at Gorilla Manchester

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Peter Perrett (The Only Ones) at Gorilla Manchester

Postby SlopeSoarer » Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:14 am

Well I've frequently looked at this forum but have never felt the urge to write anything, well that was until I recently went and watched Peter Perrett (formerly of The Only Ones).

So here goes...

The song 'Another Girl, Another Planet' has always been a fovourite of mine and though I have owned a couple of early Only Ones LP's I never really got in to them. If I make a play list Another Girl often makes an appearance though.

We (wife and I) were travelling back from somewhere in the car and Peter Perrett was being interviewed on BBC 6 Music, he was fascinating to listen to. Talking about his past drug abuse and about how he was lucky to have his 2 sons wanting to be around him never mind make music together. They went on to play music from a soon to be released album (which has now been out a while) 'How The West Was Won'. The songs sounded great, love songs which again allude to his past and love of his family.

I'd seen he was on at Gorilla in Manchester (02/11/2017) and flirted with the idea of getting tickets but something was holding me back and I didn't buy. My Halloween birthday saw a surprise present of tickets to... you guessed it Peter Perrett. I was chuffed as I appreciated that Jill (wife) understands me, probably better than I do: )

We turned up on the night not really sure what to expect. Queuing outside we spoke to a couple who'd traveled from Doncaster to see him, a far way on a school night!! They went on to say that they'd seen him 3 times previously and how good he and the band were.

Well the couple from Docaster weren't wrong. From the the second that they started I knew there was something special about them (well for me at least). Some people just have it and peter Perrett certainly has (again he has for me). He played majestically through a comprehensive set list which focused round their recently released album but also dipped in to his Only Ones and The One songs. I have found a new love for Peter Perrett and his back catalogue. The gig of 2017 for me and I've seen quite a lot this year!

I videoed a number of songs:

Another Girl, Another Planet

A number of songs stitched together (41 minutes worth)

Hopefully some of you will enjoy the videos. I recommend Peter Perrett when he comes to a town near you. Thanks Jill for the tickets: )
Running Up That Hill
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