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wanted minimal synth records

Post your vinyl, CD's or memorabilia for sale or your wants list here (no CD-R's please).

wanted minimal synth records

Postby anclear » Fri May 18, 2012 4:44 pm

hi, do you have anybody a copy of theese records for sale or trade??

The Chyldren LP Untitled UK
Dolls 7” Makin’ Bacon
blaze colour 7” against the dark trees beyond
This Perfect day 7” The garden
UV Pop LP Bendy Baby Man
Neon 12” Tapes of Darkness
Neva 7” hallucination
Cunning toy- searching 12”
Plugpoint music lp last chance
Moß Garten - Moß Garten (7”)
Distant Drums 7” Perfect Eyes
Nullzeit - Dein Ganzes Leben (7”)
mosfet - The great war 7”
Boyzone - Bad Atmosphere (7”)
Session - Unit The Forces (7”)
Videoclips – Deutsche Amouren LP
Factory 12” Hold out
Spencer Spencer 7” first single
Stulna Begär 7” Fire on her eyes
Thorbjornn gronning 7” Europa
Varios - No Big Business lp
polyphonic size 7” algorhythmic ep/ Pragmatic songs 7”
DeutscheSchaeferhunde RosaBrille 7”
Cardboards - Greatest Hits
League of Nations- 12” For a moment
Dark like A restaurant 7 “ Sight
Tommy de Chirico - Close Your Eyes 7 EP
VARIOS - Easter Rising1982 belgium comp LP
second Thoughts - Never Seen 7 UK 1985
power of three - The Room 7 EP
Boys say go - joey and maria/love is dangerous 7”
Pure Form “I Work in a Factory / The Truth” 7” sg. (Pure Form Records, USA 1984)
Bolzano Weierstrasss “Vie d’ivresse / Venus bitches” 7” sg. (Cabana, France 1987)
VHF – Fist Impressions LP UK 1982
octover another Metropolis - Another 7 Sw 1987
le sene la Boheme - Standing in the rain 7 UK 1982
daemon deluxe - Rumors 7 EP USA 1984
deathly Quiet ! -The Next Step AUS 1987
bizarre Device - Robert 7 AUS 1982
Alastair Riddell 7” Zero
End Of Your Garden – Test 7”
la Valse 7” Winter Netherland
The Short wave Mystery 12 EP Pilots
Dark Mine Fields lp Traffic From Stilness
Two Witches/ Advanced Art 7” Pimeyden Jousi / Black Roses
MOBY DICK my dreams are clear single SWEDEN 1985
OBSCURE BY DEGREES I ‘m dying single UK 1981
PASSING SMILES Life/death single USA
TALLY HO ! hit the beast single ITALY 1982
VITAL SIGNS Trading in Guilt/miracles single UK
WILMA pornography lies single USA 1981
TAPA PAHA TAPA Mennyt maailma 7 EP
POST INDUSTRIAL NOISE – Symphony Of A Mind 7 EP Flexi-Disc
Chivas Regal - Livet Ska Levas 7 EP
Quo Vadis (7) - Kalla Tårar (7")
DEE-IZER – Made In Japan 7 EP
Varios – CUTS - Current Music At Columbia University
Page – Dansade man 7 EP
JOHANN HELGESON - Take your time 7 EP
THREE PHAZE - Alli want to do is fallin love with you 7 EP
Margaret's Dream – Harlekin / Kristus 7 EP
SANGRI LA - I Mitt Blod (Röda Nätter)
TYMHORAN - Gobaith LP IRL 1985
Various – Elektronische Klang Gesellschaft
MEN 2ND – Transition - 7 EP 1983
Forward Music Quintet – Glory & Betrayal
Statues In Motion – Statues In Motion LP
Aroma Di Amore – Harde Feiten LP
Sub Muris – Honesty 7 EP
Di Leva – The Single Man / Appear Of Need 7 EP
Brynger – Son Of A Gun EP
Eskimos & Egypt – The Cold 7 EP
Jeafr – Blues D'Un Blanc 7 EP
Paranoid Paradise – The Call Of The Grail LP BELGIUM
Commission – Commission – Promo LP Sweden
Toni Valen – Zelda LP
Bardo Thödol – Bardo Thödol 12 EP Japan
BURNING THE SKIES OF ELYSIUM - The last Revolving Door LForward
THE SHINING PATH - Basic Training Manual LP Australia
XERO - Lust in the Dust LP Asutralia
Avantgarde - Liberation 7 EP Sweden
The Gift - In a Faraway Kingdom 7 EP Sweden
Form – One is One 7 EP Sweden
3 Miles From Here 7 EP Heroes/ Until Then
Native Cry – The Adventures 7EP
5 Miles To Midnight 12 EP
The Games – Childsplay 7 EP
Neon - Dance Free - 7" Split
Dolphins in Disguise 7 EP Untitled
WHEN KIDS ARE ALONE - Forever Till Never 7 EP
VARIOS - A Warped Sense Of Human LP
Drama LP Loneliness
Monopol – Weltweit LP
Varios lp Blitz Pop Vol. II
Mittageisen Lp Mittageisen
Partly Cloudy - Excess Verbiage LP Album
Epitaphe - Syndrome 12 EP
Various - Young Blood (LP, Comp)
Running Up That Hill
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Postby magnum » Fri May 18, 2012 10:50 pm

Was actually trying to do an extended edit of this EARLY 80s UK cult synth classic,but the breakdown of the song and the way it is structured made it near impossible!!!

Anyway on the assumption you dont have an mp3 of this - here is: Distant Drums - Perfect Eyes ... -1982.html

You may also find a few other cult/underground synth classics on there,it looks like a decent site.[8D]
The Jet Set
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Postby eight6 » Sat May 19, 2012 12:01 pm

That's quite a list!

I have spares of a few of these, specifically the Distant Drums 7", and the Eskimos & Egypt 7". We can talk about those.

I used to have a second copy of Drama - Loneliness (which is really Eric Simpson of Glamorcult), but dealt it a while ago. I'd concentrate on other items on your list as the lp only has 1 decent song on it IMO.

Good luck finding a copy of Trading In Guilt - found mine on eBay a few years ago, for about $380.00 IIRC.

Although I don't have the record, I do have a mp3 of Pure Form's "I Work In A Factory". It was sent to me by "Obscure" (not a fan of this scammer BTW) in an attempt to have me bid on it when he had a copy for sale on eBay. I think he said that there were only 10 copies pressed but I might be wrong on that. He wanted $1000.00 for it. If you want a copy of it, let me know.
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Room at the Top
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Re: wanted minimal synth records

Postby hikikomori » Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:17 am


I have the record "Blues d'un Blanc" by Jeafr, in perfect condition, and moreover signed by three members of the band ! Found in a brocante last week end ! I found your post while looking for some informations...
I think that I'm gonna sell it on Ebay, but you can make an offer. I already have someone interested for 100€ including shipping. I am in France, but I'm used to iinternational shipping (Powerseller)...

Best regards !

Running Up That Hill
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Re: wanted minimal synth records

Postby Frank50 » Wed Jul 19, 2017 7:29 am

Wow, an amazing list, unfortunately not got any of them, but if you are interested there is German website called vinyl on demand who are producing great album sets of minimal synth bands, the site and shop is due to close end of this year but it's still open and brilliant.

Switchin' to Glide
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