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Pseudo Echo - 1990 The Lost Album Demos

PostPosted: Fri Jun 18, 2021 11:30 pm
by elevatorman
Demos from what should have been Pseudo Echo's 4th album were supposedly lost for over 30 years. The band was breaking up at the time and they were dealing with lots of internal turmoil. Brian Canham had put together demos for management at EMI. Canham eventually asked for the demo tape but didn't get it back. He asked continually and eventually gave up. He figured the songs were gone until recently while rummaging through some old cassettes came across the demos. The songs were digitized, cleaned up but not rerecorded. It's really like stepping back in time. The harder rock sound of Race can be heard in some of the songs as well as a return to synths more reminiscent of the Love an Adventure album.

It's available on most streaming sites and can purchase a physical version as well.

1. Just Your Day
2. Destiny
3. You Were There
4. Guitar Boy
5. Wonder Why
6. Let Me Be
7. My Home
8. Children in the World
9. The Word is All Around