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New Wave’s Greatest Debut Albums

Discuss your favorite songs, artists or post your top ten lists from the new wave era or related genres.

New Wave’s Greatest Debut Albums

Postby oldwaver2 » Tue Feb 01, 2022 7:57 pm

I like this list. This is so spot on.

There are several different “All-Time Greatest” lists in music.
In rock music there is a “Greatest Debut Albums” list.
With Rock music it seems like it takes many artists a
few attempts to put together a decent album.

I’ve noticed in New Wave a considerable amount of artist’s
strongest and best album is their debut release.
Think about the impact these albums made as a debut and
how these are still the Artist’s best recording.

New Wave’s Greatest Debut Albums
In Alphabetical in order

A Flock Of Seagulls - A Flock Of Seagulls
ABC – The Lexicon Of Love
Act – Tears, Laughter, and Rage
A-ha – Hunting High and Low
Al Corley – Square Rooms
Alphaville – Forever Young
Animotion – Animotion
Anything Box – Peace
Arcadia – So Red The Rose
Aztec Camera – High Land, Hard Rain
Baltimora – Living In The Background
The Belle Stars – The Belle Stars
Belousie Some – Some People
Berlin Blondes – Berlin Blondes
Big Audio Dynamite – This Is Big Audio Dynamite
Big Country – The Crossing
Big Pig – Bonk!
Black – Wonderful Life
Book Of Love – Book Of Love
Boxcar – Vertigo
Boys Don’t Cry – Boys Don’t Cry
Bronski Beat – Age Of Consent
Cee Farrow – Red & Blue
Celebrate The Nun – Meanwhile
Cetu Javu – Southern Lands
Claudia Brucken – Love and A Million Other Things
Climie Fisher – Everything
Cory Hart – First Offence
Crowded House - Crowded House
Curiosity Killed The Cat – Keep Your Distance
Cutting Crew – Broadcast
Cyndi Lauper – She’s So Unusual
Danny Wilson – Meet Danny Wilson
Double – Blue
Electronic – Electronic
Endgames – Building Beauty
Face To Face – Face To Face
Fiction Factory – Throw The Warped Wheel Out
Figures On The Beach – Standing On Ceremony
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome To The Pleasure Dome
Freur - Doot- Doot
Friends Again – Trapped And Unwrapped
Frozen Ghost – Frozen Ghost
Gang Of Four - Entertainment!
Gary Myrick and the Figures - Gary Myrick and the Figures
Gazebo - Gazebo
Glass Tiger – The Thin Red Line
Gleaming Spries – Songs Of The Spries
Go West – Go West
Haircut One Hundred – Pelican West
Haysi Fantayzee - Battle Hymns For The Children
Heaven 17 – Penthouse and Pavement
Hipsway - Hipsway
Howard Jones – Human’s Lib
Information Society - Information Society
JoBoxers – Like Gangbusters
Joe Jackson – Look Sharp!
John Foxx – Metamatic
Johnny Hates Jazz – Turn Back The Clock
Jon Astley – Everyone Love The Pilot
Kajagoogoo – White Feathers
Kim Wilde – Kim Wilde
King – Steps In Time
Kissing The Pink – Naked
Lightning Seeds – Cloudcuckooland
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions – Rattlesnakes
M –New York, London, Paris, Munich
Men Without Hats – Rhythm Of Youth
Ministry - With Sympathy
Missing Persons – Spring Session M
Naked Eyes – Burning Bridges
Nik Kershaw – Human Racing
Oingo Boingo – Only A Lad
Passion Puppets - Beyond The Pale
Pete Shelley – Homosapien
Platinum Blonde - Standing in the Dark
Propaganda – A Secret Wish
Real Life – Heart Land
Red Flag – Naïve Art
Re-Flex – The Politics Of Dancing
Rick Astley – Whenever You Need Somebody
Roman Holliday – Cookin’ On The Roof
Sade – Diamond Life
Simply Red – Picture Book
Soft Cell – Non-Stop Cabaret
SSQ – Playback
Swans Way – The Fugitive Kind
Swing Out Sister – It’s Better To Travel
Television – Marquee Moon
The Art Of Noise – (Whose Afraid Of) The Art Of Nosie
The B-52s – The B-52s
The Buggles – The Age Of Plastic
The Dream Academy – The Dream Academy
The Flying Lizards – Flying Lizards
The Go- Go’s – The Beauty And The Beat
The Icicle Works – The Icicle Works
The Outfield - Play Deep
The Other Ones – The Other Ones
The Specials – The Specials
The Sugarcubes – Life’s Too Good
The Vapors – New Clear Days
The Waitresses – Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful?
Til Tuesday - Voices Carry
Tom Tom Club – Tom Tom Club
T'Pau - Bridge Of Spies
Violent Femmes – Violent Femmes
Vitamin Z – Rites Of Passage
Wa Wa Nee – Wa Wa Nee
When In Rome – When In Rome
World Party – Private Revolution
Yazoo – Up Stairs At Eric’s
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Take On Me
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Re: New Wave’s Greatest Debut Albums

Postby AJWAVE » Sun Jun 05, 2022 6:16 am

Love these:
ABC: "The Lexicon of Love" (1982) I like all the ABC albums but this is my favourite!
HAIRCUT 100: "Pelican West" (1982)
ENDGAMES: "Building Beauty" (1983)
JOE JACKSON: "Look Sharp" (1979)
GO WEST: "Go West" (1985)
BUGGLES. "Age of Plastic" (1980)
SIMPLY RED: "Picture book" (1985)
SADE "Diamond Life" (1985) (with the original "Smooth Operator/Snakebite" version)
JOHNNY HATES JAZZ: "Turn Back the Clock" (1988)
SWING OUT SISTER: "It's Better to Travel" (1987)
CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT: "Keep Your Distance" (1987)
BREATHE: "All That Jazz" (1987)
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Re: New Wave’s Greatest Debut Albums

Postby obs » Sat Jun 18, 2022 12:40 pm

Platinum Blonde, Standing in the Dark
Room at the Top
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Re: New Wave’s Greatest Debut Albums

Postby ABOATES » Sat Apr 01, 2023 10:21 am

Devo - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are DEVO!
Echo and the Bunnymen - Crocodiles
The B-52's - The B-52's
Adam and the Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier
Talking Heads - 77
Tears for Fears - The Hurting
Depeche Mode - Speak and Spell
Yazoo - Upstairs at Eric's
The Human League - Reproduction
Ultravox! - Ultravox!
Buggles - The Age of Plastic
The Knack - Get the Knack
The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys
A Flock of Seagulls - A Flock of Seagulls
Oingo Boingo - Only a Lad
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